Open City

by Teju Cole
Published February 8th 2011 by Random House - 259 pages

Decision Points

by George W. Bush
Published November 9th 2010 by Crown - 497 pages


by Thomas Perry
Published December 18th 2001 by Random House (first published December 2001) - 0 pages

Denied (One Night #2)

by Jodi Ellen Malpas
Published November 11th 2014 by Forever (first published October 21st 2014) - 448 pages


by William Shakespeare
Published January 1st 2004 by Simon Schuster (first published 1603) - 314 pages

September Roses

by André Maurois
Published 1962 by Penguin Books (first published 1956) - 220 pages

Sugar on the Edge (Last Call #3)

by Sawyer Bennett
Published July 28th 2014 by Big Dog Books LLC (first published July 26th 2014) - 422 pages

Arctic Homestead: The True Story of One Family's Survival and Courage in the Alaskan Wilds

by Norma Cobb
Published February 24th 2003 by St. Martin's Griffin (first published 2000) - 320 pages

O Pioneers! (Great Plains Trilogy #1)

by Willa Cather
Published 1992 by Vintage (first published 1913) - 159 pages

On Being Human

by Erich Fromm
Published March 1st 1997 by Bloomsbury Academic (first published December 1st 1991) - 180 pages

The Ask and the Answer (Chaos Walking #2)

by Patrick Ness
Published July 22nd 2014 by Candlewick (first published May 4th 2009) - 553 pages

Criminal Man

by Cesare Lombroso
Published July 6th 2006 by Duke University Press Books (first published May 30th 2006) - 448 pages

Broken and Screwed 2 (BS #2)

by Tijan
Published August 28th 2013 - 285 pages

The Wishing Game

by Patrick Redmond
Published October 1st 2003 by Simon & Schuster (Trade Division) - 400 pages

My Wicked Wicked Ways: The Autobiography of Errol Flynn

by Errol Flynn
Published November 4th 2002 by Cooper Square Publishers (first published 1959) - 456 pages

Finding the Rainbow

by Rachel McGrath
Published May 21st 2015 by Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie - 175 pages

Poems of Darkness

by Subhajit Ganguly
Published January 1st 2014 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform - 74 pages

The House of the Scorpion (Matteo Alacran #1)

by Nancy Farmer
Published May 2004 by Atheneum Books for Young Readers (first published 2002) - 380 pages

The Other Side of the Mountain: The Story of Jill Kinmont

by E.G. Valens
Published December 1st 1988 by Harper Perennial (first published 1966) - 352 pages

Blood Debt (Touched #1)

by Nancy Straight
Published July 15th 2012 by CreateSpace (first published July 13th 2012) - 194 pages

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